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Points Activity

Keep track of every point you earn and redeem. See a detailed breakdown of your pending and available points, which transactions earned you the most bonus points and more.

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Transfer Points

Take advantage of a flight sale in a hurry, and transfer the points you need from one eligible RBC Rewards product to another to get that product’s travel perks and benefits.

Convert Points

Get the flexibility you deserve when you convert your RBC Rewards points to be used with other top loyalty programs.

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Convert Points for Travel

Convert your points to take advantage of discounts you can only get on our partner sites, or pay for seat upgrades, airport taxes and more.

Convert and Shop

Convert your points to Hudson’s Bay Rewards points (or the other way around)8 to take advantage of sales and promotions in-store or online.

More to Come

We’re always adding new partners, so keep checking back to see which new brands you can use your points toward.