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Expand What should I do if I have problems signing in to the RBC Rewards online redemption site or have a question about RBC Rewards?

Expand What is an Identification Word?

Expand Can I access my bank accounts through the RBC Rewards online redemption site?

Expand Which RBC Royal Bank credit cards earn RBC Rewards points?

Expand How do I earn RBC Rewards points using my eligible RBC credit card?

Expand How do I find out how many RBC Rewards points I have accumulated on my eligible RBC credit card or Banking Account?

Expand What can I access when I log in to the RBC Rewards online redemption site?

Expand Where can I view the entire selection of RBC Rewards redemption options?

Expand What other perks are offered to Infinite Avion cardholders?

RBC Rewards – Apple FAQ

Expand What if I bought an engraved item and want to return it?

Expand Can I ship my order to any address?

Expand Can I take advantage of Apple Education Pricing?

Expand How do I buy AppleCare for my products?

Expand What if my order has been lost or I want to return/exchange an item?

Expand When will my order be shipped?

Expand Can I pre-order Apple products?

Expand What's the minimum number of RBC Rewards points required to redeem for Apple products?


Expand Can I redeem my points for items from Best Buy?

Expand How does it work?

Expand What if I do not have enough points to redeem for my order?

Expand Do I have the same warranty as I would if making a purchase directly at Best Buy?

Expand Can I ship my purchase to any address in Canada?

Expand How to do I make a regular merchandise return?

Expand How do I return damaged merchandise?

Expand Can I exchange an item(s) for something else?

Expand What are my shipment options?

Expand Can I redeem my RBC Rewards points at

Expand Why am I charged an Environmental Handling Fee?

Expand If I have any issues or need to speak to a representative, who do I contact?


Expand What is Payback with Points, and how does it work?

Expand Can I earn points with Payback with Points?

Expand Can I redeem for items at point of sale?

Expand Is there a mobile version of Payback with Points? How does it work?


Expand Can I earn RBC Rewards points if I purchase travel at Carlson Wagonlit Travel or rent a vehicle with Thrifty Car Rental?


Expand What is the RBC Rewards eMall™?

Expand I already earn RBC Rewards points with my credit card. How is the RBC Rewards eMall different?

Expand Is there a cost to use the RBC Rewards eMall?

Expand How do I earn bonus RBC Rewards points in the RBC Rewards eMall?

Expand When will I receive my bonus RBC Rewards points after I have made a purchase through the RBC Rewards eMall?

Expand What if I have questions about my purchase made through the RBC Rewards eMall?

Expand What if I have other questions about the RBC Rewards eMall?


Expand Can I use my RBC Rewards points earned on my RBC Avion Visa card and eligible RBC banking account for other travel options besides flights?

Expand Can I book my flight, hotel, or car rental directly with the airline, hotel chain, or car rental company using my RBC Rewards points?

Expand When I book travel with the RBC Rewards Travel will I always be quoted the best fare?

Expand What is the advantage of converting RBC Rewards points to WestJet dollars (WestJet Rewards), Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific), BA Miles (British Airways) or AMERICAN AIRLINES AADVANTAGE miles?

Expand Do I need to book travel insurance separately when I redeem my points for travel?

Expand What about travel assistance during my trip? Who do I get in touch with?

Expand What fees are applied if I have to change or cancel my trip?

Expand I want to redeem my points for a trip with Via Rail but do not see it listed. How do I redeem?


Expand Are there any guidelines I should know about before I book an air ticket?

Expand How many rewards seats are available on a flight?

Expand What happens if I exceed the maximum ticket price?

Expand I'd like to travel, but I don't have enough RBC Rewards points. Can I pay for the flight using RBC Rewards points and cash?

Expand Can I redeem for a first or business class seat?

Expand Are there any fees when booking travel with an RBC Rewards Travel Representative?

Expand Are there any fees if I book my flight online without using my RBC Rewards points?

Expand I’d like to pre-select my seat – is this option available?

Expand How do I book travel for a child under the age of 2?